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AVAH College
The Salaffiyya Associations; Meppayur is a charitable organization registered under Societies Registration Act and devoted to the educational, social and cultural activities beneficial to all section of the people irrespective of religion, caste and creed. The institution under the association are spread over 40 acres of land at Salafi complex in Meppayur and Salafi campus Kuluppa in Thurayur Panchayath. The Management is following the ideals of late Jb A.V Abdurahman Haji in all its activities. It runs the following institutions.
A.V Abdurahman Haji Arts & Science College Kuluppa Salafi College of Teachers Education, Kuluppa Salafi Higher Secondary School, Kuluppa Salafiya Arabic College, Meppayur Salafiya Teachers Training Institute, Meppayur Salafi college of Engineering & ITC meppayur Salafi Nursing School Meppayur Hostels for Boys and Girls

Supreme Court Direction

If any incident of ragging come to the notice of the college authority, the concerned students shall be given liberty to explain and if this explanation is not found satisfactory the authority would expel student from the institution and report the case to police.

Managing Committee:-

  President Adv. K Abdulla 0496 2470116 9446521238
  Gen. Secretary A.V. Abdulla 0496 2676222 9447176222
  Treasurer R. Abdulkareem 9446892379 9387529519
    K.N Muhammed Sahib 04962657222  
    P.K Abdulla 04962470311 9446545311
  Secretary A. Asgarali 04962676004 9447176004
    Adv. P. Kunhammed 04962602021 9447311717
  Joint Secretaries K.V Abdurahiman 04962267323 9447383531
    Kayalatt Abdurahiman 04962676194 9447076194
    K.K Abdulla 04962676008 9447517183
  Principal Prof. V. Kuttosa 04962471004 9447385128
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