a v abdurahiman haji                              arts & science college


The college offers the following degree programmes of the University of Calicut

B.Sc. Computer Science main with Physics and Mathematics as Complimentary course (30 Seats)

B.sc. Physics main with Mathematics and Chemistry complementaryo (24 seats)

B.sc. Chemistry main with Mathematics Mathematics and Physics complementary (24 seats)

B.sc. Catering and Hotel Management(24 seats)

B.com with Finance (24 seats)

B.BA (24 seats)

B.A. Functional English(24 seats)

B.A. Travel and Tourism Management(30 seats)

P.G Programmes

M.A.English(15 seats)

M.Sc.Physics(12 seats)

M.Com(12 seats)

As a part of the restricting of under graduate system, the University of Calicut has decided to introduce choice based course-credit and semester system with effect from the academic year 2009-2010. The evaluation scheme for each course under semester system shall contain two parts-(a)Internal evaluation (b)External evaluation.Internal markes are compulsory. A student who does not secure internal marks will not get pass certificate.

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