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AVAH College
Admissions to all programmes are done through online process. Applicants seeking amission must register their names online to the website of the University Of Calicut. The university will publish the details of the online procedure.

The following documents should be presented at the time of interview :-

Interview card.


Mark list of Qualifying examination

Transfer certificates from the institution last attended.

Conduct Certificate from the head of institution last attended.

6 copies of passport size photos.

Nativity and Community Certificates in case of SC/ST Candidates

The parent or guardian should accompany the candidates at the time of interview. The parent and the student should jointly sign an undertaking to the effect that they will follow the rules and regulations of the college and University.


Only University approved fee which includes Caution Deposit, PTA Fund and College Union fee will be collected. Caution deposit will be refunded by the end of the course. In addition to this each student has to pay the university union fee and university examination fee as fixed by the University. Go Top

Fee Rules:-

All the fees as given in the prospectus are to be remitted in the office at the time of admission. Fees for the subsequent semesters are to be remitted within 10 days from the beginning of the semester. If a student fails to pay fees by the due date he/she will be liable to pay a fine of Rs 25/- along with the fee up to the 10th day after due date. If the fee with fine is not paid even by the 10th day after due date an additional fine of Rs 25/- (total 50/-) will have to be paid. If the fee and fine are not paid within 1 month after due date the name of student will be removed from the rolls of the college. Such student will have to seek the permission of the principal for re-admission and pay re-admission fee Rs 100/- along with the fee arrears and fine. However they will be loosing attendance during the roll-out period.
Those who discontinue studies without completing their courses are liable to pay full fees of the whole courses.
A very effective parent Teachers Association is constituted in the college to promote co-ordination between parents and teachers and to look after the all round welfare of the students.

The computer Science, Physics and Chemistry laboratories are well equipped to meet the requirement of the student. The college provides internet facilities too.

The college is equipped with a good library. A team of highly qualified and dedicated teachers including few retired professor lead the academic activities of the college.

Hostel facilities is available for girls


College buses are operated to facilitate student to reach the college from place around. Go Top

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